The Home Hand-Book Of Domestic Hygiene And Rational Medicine

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The Home Hand-Book Of Domestic Hygiene And Rational Medicine by J.H. Kellogg is described as:
1. To present in a popular and condensed form the latest and most reliable information on the subjects of Anatomy, Physiology, and Hygiene.
2. Call special attention to the causes of disease and the best means of prevention.
3. To supply information respecting simple measures of treatment that can be employed by persons of ordinary intelligence in the absence of a physician.
4. To impress the importance of giving prompt attention to the first departures from health.
5. To give a sufficiently clear outline of the nature of disease and of the most approved methods of treatment to enable the reader to discriminate between the wise and reliable physician and the charlatan.

This book was first published in 1889. This edition published in 1900 is in very good codition and was published by The International Tract Society Lmited, London. The leather embossed boards are clean with only minor blemishes. The internal pages are clean and bright with no foxing. It is a very good copy.

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