The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

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The New Zealanders at Gallipoli by Major Fred Waite D.S.O., N.Z.E.

As far as NZers were concerned, probably the first extended, all inclusive, account of Gallipoli was found between the covers of "The New Zealanders at Gallipolli" which was "published under the authority of the New Zealand Government", in a four volume series seen as "popular histories of New Zealand share in the Great War." In fact, it became regarded as the de facto "official history" of the campaign although followed by a number of unit histories that exceeded it in size, scope and detail. The author, Major Fred Waite described his book as being a "pioneer effort." In the same note he also said many of the records of the NZers at Gallipoli were "far from complete" and as a result he had to use ". dairies, soldeirs' letters, personal experience and the willing assistance of old comrades." 

The book is in very good condition with light rubbing. The map attached to the rear boards is in excellent condition.

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